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It's time to rethink the concept of "employee engagement."

We believe that the days of the annual engagement survey are coming to an end. Smart organizations are replacing it with a more holistic, integrated and real-time approach to measuring employee engagement to drive business results. Are you looking for what's next?
Look no further.

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In the beginning

BlackbookHR was founded as a result of a simple observation: the way people work has changed, yet businesses have not adapted. The first product that we created to try to solve this issue, was a tool to help employees instantly connect with coworkers in their organization based on their interests. Okay idea. But, what we found out through working with data-driven organizations like P&G, GE and Macy’s - was that we had to figure out a way to show that our tool was moving the needle in the level of engagement and commitment of their workforce. So we worked with some of the most cutting edge thinkers in the OD space to build engagement measurements into our product.

What we realized was that we had built a really interesting real-time diagnostic about the workforce. When we looked around at the market, what we saw was astonishing. Some of the most sophisticated organizations in the world were using an annual survey to measure an always-changing and rapidly evolving resource - their people. Salespeople have CRM systems, automation platforms, even phones that dial themselves. Marketers have real-time measurement tools like Google Analytics and systems like HubSpot that track every interaction with a consumer as it happens. Why don’t we have these kinds of tools for our people?

That startlingly simple observation led us to one conclusion - “it is time to rethink the employee engagement concept”.

Rethinking the Concept

So, rethinking engagement, where do we start? At the heart of it all. Engagement is a measurement construct that’s been around for years, since the late 1800s when a pioneering industrial engineer studied how people’s attitude impacted their productivity in the steel industry. More than 30 years ago Gallup and other organizations introduced the concept of the “engagement survey”. Today there are hundreds of providers that provide surveys and benchmarking tools to help you assess your employee’s level of engagement.

However, this process falls short. It’s not real-time, it provides no contextual insight, it does not consider the multitude of work factors that affect the employee, it’s not immediately actionable and it certainly does nothing of value for the employee. Often it ends up having the adverse effect on the employee - they feel unheard and that the organization will never do anything with their data. Have you heard that story before? Have you been the one on the other end of the engagement survey thinking that very same thing?

A New Approach

For something that seems so obvious, and so clear - we wondered - “why were more companies not making the move to new systems immediately?” Well, the short answer is - it’s hard. Systems are big, clunky and often are cobbled together from a variety of providers. But, people noticed. And a funny thing happened. Companies that understand engagement moved beyond the survey. They redesigned jobs, they changed the work environment, they developed managers and they invest in people.

We have one goal - to help companies get smarter and move their annual survey into the connected age. A holistic, integrated and real-time approach to employee engagement. We believe we’re in the 2nd or 3rd inning of what the engagement industry could become, and that we’ve built a team and community that’s talented and ambitious enough to think that we can transform how the world’s organizations engage their people.

We’re very grateful to every one of our customers, our partners, our employees and our fans who support our mission to build more engaged and connected workplaces and communities.

We win when our customers succeed. And we’ll work tirelessly to make sure that happens.



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RNA by BlackbookHR
  • Avatar

    Blackbook HR steps its users & employer communities through an experience that will drive more relevant responses, a deeper sense that the company culture "LISTENS" and that the company culture is opening doors. It’s amazing how they abandoned everything “wrong” with surveys and big box approaches to measuring employee engagement and instead as the Chefs of Engagement that they are, designed their recipe consisting of a beautifully innovative, e-connective tissue & sensory experience between the employer and employee. Without question this will drive quicker insight, deeper predictive data models, and help a company charter a competitive destiny faster than their peers. And since we know engagement directly impacts the tangible bottom line results for business owners/ shareholders, BBHR will be considered lethal weaponry in the War for Talent amongst employers.

    Jen Phillips Kirkwood, ADP
  • Avatar

    This is one of the first, if not the first, technology solutions that enables organizations to see how knowledge and social networks operate inside and across organizational structures, revealing insights that traditional analysis tools and approaches often miss. It looks VERY cool!

    Steve Boese, HR Technology Conference
  • Avatar

    I chose to be an advisor to this company because they bring the exact amount of expertise and curiosity to the HCM market. If your organization is looking for what's next in engagement - look no further.

    Laurie Ruettimann
  • Avatar

    Blackbook HR is on the forefront of HR disruption. Their innovative products are enablers of engagement. I’m particularly intrigued by their RNA intelligence tool that visually shows the way organizations really work by identifying key influencers. As a company of scale, yet still loyal to our entrepreneurial roots, I can see how this insight would be invaluable.

    Stacey Browning - EVP/Chief Product Officer, Paycor
  • Avatar

    BlackbookHR is going beyond traditional survey-only engagement measurement solutions and offering “people-intelligence” (think analytics with actionable insight).

    George LaRocque, The Starr Conspiracy


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